03.2023, Contovello

Monte Grisa Study

Architectural photography and the right angle are intrinsically connected to one another. It’s one of the first rules a photographer in this field learns to obey. But what if a building makes use of another structural concept? Follow suit? Ignore it? Work around it? For me only a fruitful dialogue between the rectangle of the picture frame and the diagonal concept of the structure presented itself as the right solution when studying the Monte Grisa Sanctuary. Prominently placed on a huge karst cliff, it can easily be perceived as one big triangle from afar. Looming over the seaside, it dominates the site in true brutalist fashion. Certainly, architecture has long gone above and beyond the limitations of the right angle. But what about photography? Still, we let light hit the same old rectangular area, whose shape has not changed since the days of Talbot, Daguerre and Niepce. Why? Is it to do with our addiction to the pleasing and the satisfying in things? But what is the right angle after all, and are all others wrong? What angle can be right anyway? There could be better and worse angles for sure, but I doubt an angle can be plain wrong.  Is suggest, when used correctly, any angle can be pleasing.

01.2023, Graz


Oh weh
Ich geh mit Fernweh
In den Schnee und seh
Der Wind tut weh, tut wehen
Ich kann ihn sehen den Schnee verwehen
Darunter nur braun, kein Baum, kein Saum
Braun schauen, Baum schauen
Bräunen und träumen
Unter kalten Bäumen
im Schnee.