09.2022, Bryce Canyon, UT

ogb Bryce

Orange, green, blue, just for me, just for you. There ain’t no place but Bryce where it’s so nice, so dense, so green, you know what I mean? But see the people of a different world, steppin’ lightly in the hot sands of orange, Übermensch? Watch your step, don’t overstep, one step to far and you step over. Forever over, overhuman? Not so human, so step up your game, because this ain’t a game. For nature, for us, just for me, just for you, orange, green and blue.

08.2022, Portland, OR/Seattle, WA/Vancouver

Homes for our people

Arguably one of the most pressing social issues of American society today is its neglect of those who fail the system of a late capitalist consumer culture. This must not, but unfortunately does very often lead to a life of homelessness, nowadays more than ever a common sight in major US-cities. For the native passerby this might as well be already ingrained into the visual landscape of the city. Already considered a necessary evil of urban experience by some, it is a growing tumor that merely leaves a numb feeling of unrest and discomfort in peoples minds. But for the unacquainted, unbiased onlooker, what unfolds is the harshness of the street and how it swallows and consumes peoples lifes in a heartbeat. Here the street lays bare the innermost disorders of its society, like on a stage, its subjects are being presented in one big shit show. They are degenerated to mere puppets following the sad instructions of their screenplay called life that someone else has written for them. Sometimes looking away seems to be easier, just like in Portland, where the homeless community inhabits the city’s Chinatown virtually on their own without much interference. In Vancouver, Canada on the other hand, whole intersections of the Gastown district pour over with human bodies of neglect amidst the daily business of the bustling city. In any case, a life in the streets is a life in the limelight, since every move you make, every step you take, they’ll be watching you. Such a loss of privacy can only lead to a loss of the self. Day by day the streetscape intermingles all these bodies and spits out a homogeneous, voiceless mass of despair. Cities on the west coast do not remain silent and efforts have been made to support the homeless community. In an attempt to return a small amount of privacy back to countless individuals, cities like Seattle and Vancouver have given out tents for free in the past. Foodbanks and shelter programs do exist as well, but arguably what has happened so far can only be considered as a soothing treatment to a cruel disease whose outbreak has not yet been dampened.

2017 – 2022, Venice, Rome, New York City, NY


Photography – phōtós, light + graphé, drawing. This series goes back to the literal meaning of its medium’s name and modifies this principle slightly. It is not about the exact reproduction of reality in the sense of a drawing but rather about the painterly qualities of light. By simple means of long exposure light reveals its temporary component and turns into a medium of movement. By guiding the camera with my hands during the exposure time I create bizarre lines of light in the darkness of the night.